The Sunshine Coast Daily:

My intention for this internship was to (hopefully) blow the socks off the editor. It’s difficult to gauge whether I’m even making an impression though, since I don’t know what they’re normal expectations of interns are.

I’ve filed three features and one wedding story so far, and two of them have been published. I have another two features in the works, which I can hopefully hand in on Monday. I’ve found it’s pretty hard to be impressive when people won’t return your phone calls.

They’ve obviously invested alot of time and thought in to making sure the interns actually learn something from being here. We were given an orientation and in introduction to the newspaper (although the style is difficult to get used to) before being settled in.

We are working in the features section, under an editor who happened to be John’s student back in the day (as is almost else in the newspaper biz). She’s a tutor?/lecturer? (something important, anyway) at USC and clearly has a vested interest in students.

I’m both amazed and grateful that she has the time to go through each line of our features with us and talk us through any changes being made (thankfully, not many). She has pointed out alot of the journalists here who started out as interns. I’ll be sneaking my resume in with the paperwork, then.

We were able to go to the courts on thursday with the court reporter, and will be going out with the photographers next week. It was the first trial we saw in action (minus Patel’s in the viewing room) and got to ask alot of questions about courts. I think we’re a little less nervous about making mistakes now.

I made it to the front page of the paper this week to, in a very short lived career as an actor.
I played the angry citizen, posing with the water bill. My dad bought three copies of that paper (I laughed, and promptly got rid of them).
Lets just say posing isn’t really my thing.

Anyway, next week I’m hoping to get a few features from my own ideas, and depending on interviews, might be able to knock off two each day. So anywhere between 10-14 stories published. Hello, portfolio.