Rolling on floors, it’s a pastime

I appreciate that the blog says “Howdy, Hannah” everytime I log in. It’s a nice to be appreciated by the internet. So it’s one week later, and I’m no closer to employment. Bugger. All the stress and worrying I channelled into Jschool I’m now channelling into checking my emails. Furiously so. No luck, obviously, but(…)


“When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” – Benjamin Franklin. Old Benjamin had it spot on – and it’s proven throughout the history of journalism. Imagine if the journalists of old had not gone from the trusty town crier and ventured into the modern, and unknown, world of print. Many, many years later we introduced radio(…)

A new experience!

Today I finished a two week internship with Sky News in Brisbane. Laura Jayes, the Queensland bureau’s reporter, happily showed me the ropes. With no camera or sound operator, no editor, and technical support available only in Sydney, Laura runs the show on her own. A one-woman band – but a role she performs well.(…)