I write this as I wait at Brisbane Domestic Airport with my “smart” phone. Its so clever that I can update the JSchool blog without the intimidation of a PC. I am on my way to Melbourne to do a week with News Ltd.

Last week saw me a nephew again- in the sense that I spent the week with Aunty. Up until now I’ve been transcribing interviews, carrying tripods, “shotlisting” etc. But over the last two weeks I’ve been given extra responsibilities: asking the Prem questions, interviewing one-on-one (State Treasurer; Former Origin Greats; Bronco’s CEO; sports commentator etc).

Everyone at ABC has been really supportive and just generally awesome. Seasoned journos take the time to share stories and give me guidance. I’ve learned so much from the journos, COSs, camera operators, soundies, techies, EPs etc.

The news cameras make me drool. The lenses cost as much as a year at JSchool! But hear me people, turning the rings on the lens and feeling the mechanisms cranking internally is very satisfying. It is the same satisfaction I get from typing on my baby-poo yellow Olivetti typewriter.

When I get back from Melbourne I’ll be producing my first TV story for Stateline. It will be a three-minute reporter-less piece on an art exhibition. I wanted to make it to the opening but unfortunately I’ll be in Melbourne at the time.

Anyway the captain is waving her arms at me frantically so I’d best get on the plane.

Stay tuned…