Screaming cars and paper walls

” Hey lady, I can teach you to walk like a stripper!!” yelled a woman out of a bakkie window – she made my day 🙂 – think I should take her up on that one.. I was on my way to the bowls club which is about a km from the motel I am(…)


This morning I was still completing my previous blog posting as I got off the tram and walked towards the large building that houses what I’ve called “the office” for the past couple of days. My day officially starts at 8:30 and I’ve got the impression, they want me to be punctual but not so(…)

My two scents

This dispatch comes from the #67 tram. Yesterday saw a much busier DDS. I got to my desk at around 8:30am freshly dressed and smelling of aluminium-free tea tree deodorant. Before I even had a chance to sit down my supervisor gave me my first task. “David, would you be able to write an op-ed?”(…)