I appreciate that the blog says “Howdy, Hannah” everytime I log in. It’s a nice to be appreciated by the internet.

So it’s one week later, and I’m no closer to employment. Bugger.
All the stress and worrying I channelled into Jschool I’m now channelling into checking my emails. Furiously so. No luck, obviously, but it won’t be for lack of checking my emails.

Sigh, man. Big sigh.

My work discovered my shiny new, unfortunate availability (thanks, mum) and I’m atleast working full time until I get a job. (well, another journalism job)

We’re relaying the store, so lots of heavy lifting, concentrating on tiny numbers and playing tetris with stock. Yesterday, it was ipad accessories. Today, it was pregancy tests and razors. I walked around for four hours yesterday with a streak of dirt across my face. Department stores are filthy.

We don’t have a starbucks out here for me to continue my morning ritual, so I’ve become an expert at instant coffee. It’s an art, I’ll tell you.

Atleast I’ll have something to concentrate on while the in-limbo feeling continues to grow. Even if I look like I’ve been rolling on the dock floor at the end of the day.

Good luck to Emma, and to Avelima and fingers crossed for everybody else!

P.s, My nana’s 80th is in a few weeks, in the infamous country ‘town’. There’s an Elvis Impersonator traveling especially for the occasion.

I’ll let you know if I come back alive.