So, I had mixed feelings of relief and dissapointment when I went to PRP today. I was glad that at the end of the day I’d be able to crawl into bed and be sick and not have to think about story ideas till next week, and I was sad that it was over because it was alot of fun.

I counted at the end and figure I’ll get about 12 stories in the paper. Some of those are decent, and some are well, not.
To demonstrate, I’ll qoute my mum on my first published story..

“It was good. Well it wasn’t good, it was a boring story that I would have otherwise never read. But atleast it was well written,”.

Thanks Mum.

I’m not even going to bother counting the advertorials or the briefs, but it was a fair amount. It was realllly good getting the practise in.

And, while i wasn’t getting practise I was learning that I could survive in a news room, and getting over my fear of phones. And getting free lunch.

One of the journalists had done a story on a new restuarant, who promtply offered her a free meal at their Italian cafe. So the editor, the two journalists and myself went along and had:
squid risotto (with some special sauce that I can’t remember the name of)
gourmet steak with prawns and cream sauce
free drinks
fish bake (I think? it had crumbs on it)

I geuss journalism has it’s perks.

The editor and I had good chat after about J school and my next internship, and then the second awesome thing of the day happened. He knows a guy who knows a guy, who could get me an internship at the Sydney Morning Herald.
I was feeling pretty accomplished at that point, i gotta say.

Some surprising comments came out of the feedback, mostly about my angles and qoutes. It was indepth and helpful, and gives me an idea what to work on and what I’m good at. Before this, I wasn’t all that sure i was good at anything.