Day three and four…

I have a confession to make.
I spent an awful lot of time googling Julia Gillard and Labor today so my story writing may have suffered.
Well, it did suffer, because for 99 per cent of today I really would have liked to crawl in a nice hole somewhere and fall asleep for a long long time.

My flu decided it was here to stay, and has been playing havoc with my head. I had to go on an emergency tissue run to the local shopping centre (huffing the entire way there). I’ve been avoiding ringing people because my voice sounds like a a really bad imitation of a 13 year old boy.

So, between the country being re arranged and Krudd ‘blubbering’ (not my words, his) I managed to make my own little collection of tablets and tissues on the desk.

That said, it’s still a been a great learning experience. The editor showed me this neat little trick to find stories today by looking up development applications on the council websites (Rothwell is getting a shooting range, fyi).

I did a story on some local anniversary’s, a couple of briefs on awards and some more stories from press releases. I got bored, so I did the events page for them for the next three weeks. I hope they don’t have another intern next week, because they won’t have naything to do.

It’s definantly eye opening, and its been good to be able to write so much and get so much practise in. There’s a few national stories that they showed me how to put a local spin on.

I get the distinct impression that the stereotype of under paid, over worked journalists is extremely true. Not that they show it much, but everyone was getting stressed out the few days before deadline (thankfully, they did not take it out on the intern). There are only two journalists and so everyone seems to be racing to the wire to get everything full.

Hope everyone else is learning as much as I am!