Well, despite dreading our required week long print internship, I have to say I have been thoroughly enjoying the experience.
As many of you know, having worked in broadcast media previously, my preference for reporting has been directed towards television and/or radio however the traditional style of news reporting has opened my eyes up to further career possibilities.
For the last four days I have been working alongside a team of four journalists, one court reporter, two sports reporters and an editorial writer at the Tweed Daily News. Opportunities for publication have been endless as the paper is published daily Monday to Saturday.
First day was a little slow, despite arriving early and with numerous story ideas. Although the COS and other journos appreciated my concepts they alerted me to the fact that the yarn would only work if a local angle could be found. So, most of Monday was spent searching the web and reading the local newsletters and community papers for ideas and angles. Thankfully Colin, a fellow intern from Griffith Uni, was in the same predicament as me.
Not one to give up, a quick drive up to Twin Towns proved beneficial, allowing me to write a couple of entertainment briefs for Tuesday’s paper.
My second day as intern was very productive. I was sent up to the local shopping centre to conduct a news poll, take photos and interview locals on a postage matter. On my return to the office the COS asked me to write up a story incorporating the quotes from locals and also asked me write a softer, side story to accomodate the main yarn. Come Wednesday page 9 of the TDN was devoted to my stories, complete with byline. Woohoo!!!!
Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday were spent conducting interviews and researching two other stories. I was diligently working away trying to meet the 5pm deadline when the COS turned to me and said she liked the angles so much she was going to put them off until Saturday’s paper as it’s a bigger edition and I could write longer articles. Stories done and handed in – here’s hoping they won’t be subbed too much!
Went with the photographer this morning to shoot photos for one of the stories. Next photo shoot booked for tomorrow afternoon.
Of course today, the Labor leadership battle was the main talking point. COS liked my suggestion of carrying out another news poll with the locals. Tweed residents more than happy to chat about Australia’s first female PM so their comments and pics will feature tomorrow.
Still one more day to go but I have another two story ideas worth chasing. Hopefully the COS will be impressed and include them in Saturday’s paper or possibly even the editions early next week.
TDN team have been very welcoming and helpful. A real camaraderie here which is refreshing to see.
Like other Jschoolers I too was surprised that the journos rarely leave the office and conduct interviews over the phone.
I guess that’s a sign of experience and confidence….and being ruled by deadlines!