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Screaming cars and paper walls

” Hey lady, I can teach you to walk like a stripper!!” yelled a woman out of a bakkie window – she made my day 🙂 – think I should take her up on that one.. I was on my way to the bowls club which is about a km from the motel I am(…)

Am sitting at TDN and have just read Anthony’s feature on the biff ladies – great names they all had, and I enjoyed it. This is a magic part of the world and went exploring this weekend as can’t go that far on my bike. Last week there were two of us here; Beccy was(…)



Politicking, re-runs of a skimpy red speedo below greying chest hair and scripted hand movements dominate the media at present; Boriiiiiing!! How magic then to leave this behind and dance wildly, while singing along with gay abandon to the sound of Julio Iglesias crooning ” Moonlight Layayaydy……” in a first floor radio studio with the(…)

Internship Day 3

Today at Quest flew past with lots to do and a whole new perspective on the office dynamics – the editor has a great rapport with his journos and they regard him with affection. Got four stories done and a funny vox pop with a photographer with a sense of humour and some press releases(…)

Work experience update

Well, after feeling really useless this morning, my day improved with being given more to do – working on two stories but unfortunately have to wait for this boy to come home from school and this lady to return home – but that is all good as can at least contact them after hours!! Have(…)

Work Experience

Work experience – I am desperate!! It is 11h12 and am not sure what to do – are going in to a meeting and hopefully will get something.

Notes from a FREE,FREE PALESTINE !!!! march

Notes from a FREE,FREE PALESTINE !!!! march

Huge steel balls wrapped in wool and the colourful lights on the casino building were the backdrop for a demonstration against Israeli action under the banner of ‘Justice for Palestine’, Tuesday night. Searching in the milling crowd before the speeches, I looked for John Blue and found him already recording, immersed in journo mode. Em(…)

The district of the man with the purple heart

Went with Dave San and John Blue last month to sit in while John interviewed an elderly, purple heart decorated war vet. He lives in a slightly run-down block of flats, all rooms honey-comb screened to keep the world outside. He is a gracious, eloquent, lonely man with an interesting life story, estranged family and(…)

Tim streaks ahead at Noosa Half Marathon

Tim streaks ahead at Noosa Half Marathon

Hundreds of runners, from the elite to the general public, took part in the sponsored Noosa running festival based at Noosa Sound on Sunday morning. The scenic route takes the runners along Noosa Parade through to the café and green precincts of Gympie terrace as it winds along the Noosa river. Clear skies saw the(…)

Petty Theft

A knock on the door with a belligerent greeting from the residency manager to “get your kit on!”and “have you seen your passport lately?” briefly changed the benign face of our lazy Sunday. Under cover of night, thieves stole into the complex and worked their way into 5 units, taking with them portable valuables they(…)

Then and Now – review of a photograhic journey

Arms outstretched on a cold, grey, city pavement, a dead man forever reaches for his cow-hide shield, mutely observed by the outsized , white-faced ‘Pretty Woman’ adorning the lurid red backdrop of the escort agency.. Unbridled delight, hope and jubilation are etched into the smiling faces of the domestic workers as they burst forth and(…)