This morning I was still completing my previous blog posting as I got off the tram and walked towards the large building that houses what I’ve called “the office” for the past couple of days. My day officially starts at 8:30 and I’ve got the impression, they want me to be punctual but not so keen that I come in early. So I have a flat white with 1.6 sugars as I read the paper at the cafe on the ground floor. I can’t go up to the tenth floor unless I have an escort. Yeah, unfortunately my weekly pass- printed on paper and stuck in a generic plastic name-tag holder- doesn’t allow too many privileges. So I waited for my escort to come down to the ground floor and take me back up to the tenth floor.

Today I was given a new set of rounds. First I had YouTube rounds. I had to check through some videos to find the most entertaining and up to date videos. Then I had Facebook pages to select. Hmm, that was a little more difficult, but I finally found five- the links are for the “TOP 5” in several categories. Last but not least, were general webpages. I selected a few that I already knew and they seemed to be pretty happy with my choices.

I was then given another story to fashion from a press release. After one phone call- my first for this internship- I pumped out the story and sent it back to my supervisor. My tasks were all completed and it was just after midday.

“If you wanted to, you could go out and do some more voxpops,” my supervisor suggested. Of course I could. It also gave me a good chance to take my lunch break and visit the cafe that I promised my father I would visit. It turned out to be near The Age building. I squinted as hard as I could, but no sign of AG. He was probably inside somewhere and covered by mayors.

After a nice lunch and two potent brews that were flat and white, I went out to do the voxpops. It was raining quite heavily by this point. Maybe it was the weather, maybe it was my charm (hey, you never know) but today seemed a lot easier. The first two guys were cool. One of them had just arrived from the UK this morning after being on a cricket training trip. And he was from Guyana- how’s that eh Hana G? The second lot of people practically came up to me, begging me to let them grace the pages of mX. I learned a valuable lesson: after taking pictures of women, don’t ask them if the photo is okay- it won’t be so just say thank you and walk away.

I came back to the office and I’m the only one here other than a hard-working photographer.

What will tomorrow bring? What rounds will I do? Your guess is as good as mine.