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Uhmm sorry could you please repeat that?

So Hannah and I finally got to interview the Editor of the Sunshine Coast Daily today. I sat at my desk eating Fruit Tingles which fizz in your mouth and made all my butterflies go away and yes I was doing work! 😛 I don’t know why I was nervous, I already knew that he(…)

Motion sickness, sharing love and newsrooms

My internship experience has so far proven to be pretty good. Aside from the fact that I missed the first day because I was sick and suffer from motion sickness on the 2 and half hour train/bus rides here it’s been preeettttyyyyy sssaaawwweeeettttt! (Sorry Des I had to write it like that) haha. I feel(…)


Surprisingly enough, I have not been asked to get anyone’s coffee. I was rearing up my coffee making skills last week thinking that that was all I would be doing, but I was wrong. I was also having nightmares about editors screaming at me, telling me that my love affair with capital letters and apostrophes(…)

My experience as a MOJO

Some of you may have known that my last blackberry drown in the toilet at the Brisbane city council library. It really was one of the most heart-wrenching moments for me, may he rest in peace. And so, for the last couple of weeks I had been lagging around this brick that shook loudly as(…)