So Hannah and I finally got to interview the Editor of the Sunshine Coast Daily today.
I sat at my desk eating Fruit Tingles which fizz in your mouth and made all my butterflies go away and yes I was doing work! 😛

I don’t know why I was nervous, I already knew that he was really nice, but I get like that. Anyway I went over to Hannah and checked over our questions just so that we didn’t have the same ones.

At 2.43pm we walked into the white office (which I swear is made out of Styrofoam because I went to lean on the wall and the whole thing moved LOL).

So I’m sitting there happily taking notes and then, heaven forbid, MY PEN DIES! This was about 13 minutes into the interview and for the following 9 minutes of the interview I sat there scribbling nothing and pretending to be taking notes when really, I wasn’t.

I looked over at Hannah who looked all Pro-fesh actually taking notes and I felt like the biggest loser. So how will I write my profile feature you say?! Well one tiny insignificant detail I forgot to mention – I have super-ninja memory which means I can remember everything said to me in the last hour. …………………………………………….

Ok ok, I was just kidding! And shame on you if you actually believed me ha ha, I wish. No it was my Blackberry! He sat beautifully on top of the desk taping every single little word that was said during the interview (he even got a compliment from the editor *blush*).

This post is just saying that even though people rave on about how technology isn’t always the best thing to rely on, sometimes it is. I mean dude my pen died, how many pens die during an interview…seriously! So it’s probably safe to say that having both can save you from embarrassing moments as it did for me today.

P.s Yeah Gill apparently my story will be in tomorrows feature section. XD I’m so excited because Hills in Hollywood sent me all these gorgeous photos of their up coming collection, so they will appear in it too!

P.p.s:D I’ve really enjoyed reading your blogs! 😀