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Recovered with amazement

Recovered with amazement

After having a day off from the internship on friday, I cam on Monday saying I would start fresh and a new outlook to my slow days (if you remember my last blog, I had to get myself known). But I was so worng, for a few hours I was looking around for small stories(…)

Week that was meant to be

Well my first week of the internships at Quest Newspapers, Bowen Hills, have been completed…..and what have I learned….This week was meant to happen…. You ask why? Well it has allowed me to realise that doing my internship up at Caboolture and doing this one here (even though it is Quest) is vastly different. At(…)

Here we go AGAIN!

Yes, here we go AGAIN! The second round of internships have started and I am placed at Bowen Hills for the Quest Newspapers working on the Westside News and South-West News. It is exciting and terrifying at the same time, because I had arrived at the building where I can see my future….but I can(…)


I recall of a day where my father drives us to  Aspley Hypermarket, we do some shopping, we walk out with our groceries, putting it in the car and then driving off  towards Rode Road where we would make a stop at the petrol station. I didn’t know then that 15 years from that time we(…)

The Finale

Well i came to my final two days of my internship at caboolture, and like any tv show now and days it was two part finale. Day 4 and 5 were in a way the days I wrote my final stories and did my last bit of work, because one thing I learned on those(…)

Dumb, Drunk and Racist?

Well, I have to say, that show was amusing show. Going into it from the ACA show, I thought, why these four people, who are they? how come they got chosen to go out of the billions? To me, I thought they were Punjabi students, but that wasn’t the case. We meet four indians who(…)

50 – 50

Wow Day 3 of my internship, and what a day it was. I knew what the beginning of this day would be about…..VOX POPS. My experience in the city was good, but you won’t meet the same type of people everywhere. I had to take a street poll involving 6 peoplee for one question and(…)

60 per cent to go

Well there goes day 2 of my inetrnship program at the Quest- Caboolture Shire Herald. It was a good day where I had to call up schools to find out if they were apart of the Woolworths earn and learn program, I had a list of schools to call to and find out if they(…)

Start to the Internship

Well what can I say, the day started off like any other, get myself ready early in the morning, had breakfast, but this time around it wasn’t just for any other ordinary day, it was the start to the internship program up at caboolture. This was a half an hours drive, but I was already(…)

Easter Break and Reflection on Term 1

Easter Break and Reflection on Term 1

Well the easter breaks are almost over so what have I really been doing?  Thinking of what to write next actually, after all, we need stories to bring to the table and to write for Newsbyte and a journalists we need to go out there and write down the history that is happening around us! I(…)

Beginning of something new

Wow what a start to the new year, it wasnt the beginning I was looking for, but once i was done….i was one of the lucky few who could get into Jschool to start a bit later, but thats later on in the story. My year for 2012 started off as like anyone, holding a “new years resolution”(…)