Well there goes day 2 of my inetrnship program at the Quest- Caboolture Shire Herald.

It was a good day where I had to call up schools to find out if they were apart of the Woolworths earn and learn program, I had a list of schools to call to and find out if they were involved and if so, we would send the photographers out to get photos.

The thing is I found out that the first two schools I called weren’t doing the program, and then I found something intriguing, on the excel sheet given to me to call to the schools, I found that the schools I called earlier were listed as “N” as in not participating.

So I told the editor and he didn’t know that either, so I called a school that had “Y” in the column, and it was successful.

Got the picture story done and booked in some picture shootings for that school for the papers.

Then my next task was to do some “House of the week” column, all the information was there, but not the where the house was located.

It was wierd, writing that piece, but never the less, a good practise.

By the afternoon, something indeed happened, if no one saw online about the news, but News Limited is going through some restructure of business, centralising places.

I got to see the CEO on video, Kim Williams, announce at exactly 1.45pm, the restructure to the organisation, including the words, redundancy packages.

That was some breaking news, but unfortunately as a journalist, I couldn’t cover the story.

The rest of the afternoon was ok, towards the end of the day, someone sent out a message to one of the persons working here and Andre (the editor) gave me the story to do.

So that was my day, a few stories written here and there, but tomorrow will be a challenge for me, I have to do Vox Pops (thank you david stuart for the warm ups a month ago, they will surely come in handy for tomorrow.

And that was my second day of the internship, the people here are very good at their work, and are friendly to chat to.

But they are on some strict deadlines for tomorrow, only time will tell if I can make it as a good journalist, where is my editor comment sheet?

Joking, but I am getting the impression that as the stories come in, it is just handed out and you do it, no if or buts, which is good, and I am beginning to be ok with phone interviewing.

Just wish my teeline was down, well i will leave that to Julie after the break, right now the end is closer than i thought for this internship, but these are the days i  wish the 60 percent would be forever, I am enjoying this, want me to come back Caboolture Shire Herald?