Well, I have to say, that show was amusing show.

Going into it from the ACA show, I thought, why these four people, who are they? how come they got chosen to go out of the billions?

To me, I thought they were Punjabi students, but that wasn’t the case.

We meet four indians who heard about Australia over the years and just don’t want to come here, because of the violence (and mind you how we the media write it, the young generation are very tempered).

We meet Gurmeet a journlaist who reads the news on TV, his view on Australia (is like ours when we think about foreign correspondents going to Iraq) “anywhere you go over seas, there will always be that risk.”

Then we meet Mahima a call centre worker and how they show us talking to call centre workers….ouch…are we really that mean….and slow….

Then we meet Radhika, a person who is very educated and also sends people overseas to study, but doesn’t send anyone to Australia.

Finally we meet Aamir, who is a law student, who was planning to come to Australia, a while back, but then he saw the events happen in Melbourne and didn’t want to come here.

There, we have four very intelligent people from different backgrounds, coming to Australia for a tour to see the good and the ugly side of our country.

When the journalist (Joe Hilderbrand) got to india he out up a sign about what the locals (indians) think about Australians…..the outcome was….we are dumb and drunk. and RACIST…..but the thing that got me in a shock was an Australian also commented on it over in india saying “yeah we are dumb, drunk and racist.”

The show went on and we ended up watching how the four ended up in Sydeny, walking around, going to the beach where Mahima got a shock: “are they walking naked on the beack” she said in hindi…..

If you don’t know, Indians are a bit private and Indian woman don’t usually show off their naked body in public, but I think Aamir and Gurmeet got a real treat.

But a message did come through when they met a guy “street painting” a sign saying “say no to burqas” when he got in a fight with a muslim driving by (word exchanging), we found out that even if a Australian is trying to get a message across, they somehow still condradict themselves.

This guy sergio (if that is the spelling) said that he was putting up this painting because his friend got threaten about a fashion about burqas, but then ended up saying no he didn’t want people to wear the burqas.

The thing we found out was, that we may be infringing on other cultures.

My view is Australia can be a great country in the world, if we can get rid of racism (it is a disease, a very cancerous one), then we can set a platform for the world about peace and harmony.

But that won’t happen, because this being episode one of the show, we still need to see the overall outcome at the end…..are we really dumb….drunk……and…..racist???