Well what can I say, the day started off like any other, get myself ready early in the morning, had breakfast, but this time around it wasn’t just for any other ordinary day, it was the start to the internship program up at caboolture.

This was a half an hours drive, but I was already up at 5.30am, excited and nervous about this internship.

I got to Caboolture Shire Herald/Northern Times for Caboolture where I met the editor Andre Grimaux, who was also the person who would be looking after me.

He showed me around the office area, and then gave me my own desk (missing a name plate) and a personal phone for the office (exciting times).

My first task of the day was to go through the two papers (because friday their paper was coming out and then the other on tuesday)and to understand how/what they write.

I found it very helpful to read both the papers (as I only had one the Caboolture Herald), and my first task was to find information about what’s on in this region.

My first story at Caboolture was a what’s on article, and if it is ok, it could get published in the paper.

This took almost half of the day, because finding information on what was happening and the condensing it down was a task in its own.

Later I found myself doing a phone interview with person in charge of the Bribie Island Orchestra and choir who are promoting their 20th year.

I wrote an article on that, followed the same structure as in the papers, but overall, it was a good start to the day.

The people up here are really nice, but maybe they have no deadlines at the moment, they were welcoming and helpful if I had any questions.

What is more to expect from me, only tomorrow i will find out what is in store for me, but for now, I will savour the moment of my first day at the newsroom.