Well my first week of the internships at Quest Newspapers, Bowen Hills, have been completed…..and what have I learned….This week was meant to happen….

You ask why?

Well it has allowed me to realise that doing my internship up at Caboolture and doing this one here (even though it is Quest) is vastly different.

At Caboolture I would be given a story here and there….and here at Bowen Hills…I get given a story once a day…..I guess because at Caboolture they didn’t have staff while here….well there is too many.

But I also understood in the week that was meant to be is that I have to keep on asking them or else I would be forgotten about.

So this week my plan is to get noticed….and I can only achieve that if I speak up!

So I look forward to seeing how this week plays out, will I get a byline and lots of stories……or will I be like the rest of the interns that may have come before me…left in the shadows.

The people here are nice like caboolture’s staff, but they all are too busy.

I did manage to find two story ideas (thanks to the media releases that come out), now I just have to find a  way to anchor them to those particular regions!

Well, that was the week that was meant to be….I begin to understand that I have to make myself known from here on out….and hopefully meet my editor this week who was sick last week!