Wow Day 3 of my internship, and what a day it was.

I knew what the beginning of this day would be about…..VOX POPS.

My experience in the city was good, but you won’t meet the same type of people everywhere.

I had to take a street poll involving 6 peoplee for one question and 3 for another.

First 6 was ok, with some people saying no thanks, or they answered but didn’t want to have their pictures taken.

The question was “what would you buy from mid-year sales?”, but what I found was, males don’t like to answer questions.

The second was brutal, one after another saying “no I am busy” or just walking by, it took much longer.

The advice I got from Nick (the photographer) up at the caboolture herald was that i need to be more assertive and up to the people, and don’t say “hello sir”, then they would never stop.

Another advice I got from a senior journalist up here, Glenn, was to never go near the ones who are there to answer but a still a bit dodgy.

Well that was half of my day with writing up the vox pop quotes, I tell you, without recording it is hard to scribble down exactly what they said…..Julie I need help with teeline!

By lunch time i had written those and a quick story to a careers expo that will be happening later.

Now I always have lunch either across the street at the restaraunt or at the tavern across from the RSL club, but today I had coffee with my dad (did i mention he works for the queensland railways).

After lunch, I had to do another “what’s on”, but before that I had to wuickly write a story about someone in the community dream coming true, It was good reading that story and writing it.

Then the rest of the day I did the “what’s on” half a page, which takes a while to write, becauuse you have to search around things that would be happening, once you find them, thhen condensing it down to a few sentences.

By the time end was near, I got another story handed down, which I will be doing tomorroww.

But taking one advice from today was I need to be more assertive, and one thing I learned about myself was to be more open, I call someone and I feel very shy, but I guess I am 50-50 on my path of being a journlaist.

Tomorrow…….will be my second last day….that isn’t fair…..