Wow what a start to the new year, it wasnt the beginning I was looking for, but once i was done….i was one of the lucky few who could get into Jschool to start a bit later, but thats later on in the story.

My year for 2012 started off as like anyone, holding a “new years resolution” that I wanted to get done, but January went so fast that I didn’t realise that it came time to say good bye to my mother, around that time it was also one month to go until Jschool’s Orientation Day.

I decided I would go to Jschool to begin something new and after speaking with my mum she said it was alright for me to do this course, now dad was left, and as time approached to 31st of January i had no idea my life would be counting down closer to the beginning of something new.

So now after dropping my mum to the airport and she giving me her accpetance for this course, it was time for me to ask my dad, this took me almost  2 weeks to get done but I got it out of me to ask my dad.

This was just a few days out from THE DAY, I had got my approval from dad and the papers had come in from John to fill out, I started filing out the paper on the fatal day.

I spoke to my mum 1 day before the fatal day, I just never got out “mum i finally got dad to approve”.

Then coming back from work on the night, dad told me my mum was in the hospital, I didn’t think it would be too serious, but that wasn’t the case, we stayed up til 1:30am that night and as we fell asleep, a few of my relatives came around 2:30am, only a hour after we had fallen asleep.

Now, came that moment, we had found out my mum passed away an hour ago, the time me and dad went to sleep hoping we would speak again with mum.

That same morning i sent an email out to John saying i wouldn’t be able to go into Jschool this year, because that morning I went overseas to India for my mother’s funeral.

After a few weeks went by in India, it was getting close to the time for me to come back to Australia, I decided I should ask John if I could rejoin, and the second day I was back, I started Jschool in it’s second week.

This is the beginning of something new… was just simply a distraction for me but afte doing a first few classes, it began to sink to me, this might be the thing I wanted to do, with my mother’s blessing and dad’s approval, Jschool was the new beginning I was looking for so long.

Now close to the end of the first term, I started to understand that when I read a story on the paper, that the people writing them have to write them within a small set timeframe, as I did for my first story about Earth Hour.

The thing I learned when writing this story was how I was going to get all this information and condense it down, and not just that but how difficult it really is to get someone to talk to when trying to contact them.

This whole blog thing is new to me, and being the first i did not mention things about what I had done in class, I wanted to get out how my “beginning of something new” came about.

I look forward to the rest of the year and finding more stories fo newsbyte and getting my intro and whole story structure right, I have a long way to go but a year that started off really horrible could also be the best year.