Well i came to my final two days of my internship at caboolture, and like any tv show now and days it was two part finale.

Day 4 and 5 were in a way the days I wrote my final stories and did my last bit of work, because one thing I learned on those days was, getting people to call you back, takes its own sweet time.


Finale Part 1-

I got two stories both relating to specific charity type stories, so I thought getting them to call me back would be easy, but that took the whole day.

With no progress, by the time the end of day was approaching, I got a taste to see how the work was (not in total) being essentially given around by a journalist up there named Glenn.

A prrogram called CyberPage/CyberNews, was the mainstream for all the journalists that work for Quest, they can save and write copiess of there work on that system and it can accessed in any of their locations, and it allows them to add details, arrange photo meetings, just a centralised system for them all.

Then I got a treat by one of the advertsing ladies, Leanne, who was telling how the process works for them to meet deadlines for the advertising sections of the newspapers.

It is a very hectic task for them to get the advertising correct, they initially get some wokr where they have to adjust in a way and then tell their artists to do it, then they would get back to the client to add more details missed out, and they meet a time limit, if the deadline isn’t met, then what information they had would go in the paper.

That was basically it for day four.

Finale Part 2-

This was my final day, and I had two things to do…..finally get those charity stories done, which I had to call them and get details plus just a short interview in a way, and get some photo shots ready to get taken for the paper.

After those two tasks were done, after lunch I got my final task, the “what’s on” part of the paper, which takes a whole day to do and that basically covered my final day.

Finding the neccessary information is always hard but I looked real hard and I found it to be able to write the final story/article/feature!

I wrote some stories and called up people to get the story done by my deadline which was the last day and I met them which I should be proud of.

Overall I enjoyed my experience up at Caboolture, with some great people working up there (the ones I met) and it just opened my eyes that if I work really hard, I can get to where I want to be.

What is next? I don’t know, but my first week of holidays which was the intern was an exciting adventure and hope something good comes my way, because even though this was my “The Finale” I can make a career out of this, I know I have the potential there.