Well the easter breaks are almost over so what have I really been doing?  Thinking of what to write next actually, after all, we need stories to bring to the table and to write for Newsbyte and a journalists we need to go out there and write down the history that is happening around us!

I know all I have done is a few things….starting off with looking at my very first piece of news story….so happy….thank you John, pomise more stories will come your way……and basically watching tv shows, going to the gym and basically hanging out with the family.

I should have done more work….so lazy….but parctice makes perfect….so all of my first term practice stories will be heading to john soon…before term two begins…..hopefully!

Shorthand…..what can I say….it is like learning a new language…..I should have learned how to write in my families language….sometimes it looks so similar….but not perfect yet at shorthand….but practice makes perfect!

So looking back at term one, what can I can say, I really enjoyed it, I might not be exactly that good as of yet, with my introductions (they are not as punchy as I would like them to be) with the sentence structure (i make a lot of grammar mistakes) with the flow of the story (sometimes I just go blank) but I will get there.

Working on all those practice stories with Desley (hope she is having fun with her retirement) is pretty fun, I cannot wait until we head to the courts and start writing stories from there. The best thing was practicing with those stories, working out which bits were relevant and which bits were relevant to the particular angle we were writing for.

But the one thing I am certainly learning is that a story is almost every where we look, to what movies we watch to festival that are happening around brisbane, like this weekend is the Supanova Pop Culture at Gold Coast, I would have gone but Allison Mack  (Chloe Sullivan from Smallville) didn’t show up, which is sad as my mum really liked the actress, so now I will wait for the Brisbane one in November where James Marsters (Spike from Buffy) will show up along with many others (who are not confirmed as of yet).

Me meeting Cassidy Freeman

(I met Cassidy Freeman aka Tess Mercer from Smallville at Supanova at the Brisbane RNA showgrounds, very exciting moment)

SO like I am saying…..stories are all around us….just look at these two weeks we have been on a break…what has happened?  We see Coles Supermarket recalls Heritage easter eggs…………..that car chase with the BMW’s at Mt Ommeney where the police didn’t use their helicopter and used the news channels helicopters……..the earthquake in in the Indian Ocean (again) on the 11th April…..and then the announcement of Bob Brown (the ex-leader of the greens party) resigning……..then the hostage situation Crestmead…….and the sacking of former Minister of Police and Safety David Gibson……….. 

Stories happen all over……history is being made…….we just need to start opening our eyes to what is out there……next stop…..the mummy’s at the south bank museum (if I get the chance).

These are my thoughts and reflections for this week…..bring on TERM TWO!