I recall of a day where my father drives us to  Aspley Hypermarket, we do some shopping, we walk out with our groceries, putting it in the car and then driving off  towards Rode Road where we would make a stop at the petrol station.

I didn’t know then that 15 years from that time we stop to fill the petrol that it would rise to a staggering $1.50 in today’s prices.

The idea it going over a $1 a litre of petrol price was not really on anyones mind back then….really….I am serious…the petrol price back then was $0.55 per litre.

I call it the simplier times, where making a stop at the petrol station and not worrying about the petrol costing too much (or anything for that matter) and we could live in a happier time.

Come forward 15 years and what do we see….I come home from the Aspley Hypermarket after doing some gocery shopping, drive pass the Rode Road petrol station and what do I see….petrol prices hiking to a $1.50.    

But what factors into this INCREDIBLE price hike? There is no fuel stuck at Singapore this time around? The Australian economy is stronger (not my words but the politicians)! and buying petrol against our dollar is cheaper…..so what is wrong?

I will tell you!

“The prices are down” and “The fresh food people”…..there war… is impacting our daily lives..

From how I have been observing for many years (even the ACCC says there is no real proof)….there 8c a litre off petrol deal is draining our already empty pockets.

This is obsurd! Why is it when they give 8c a litre off petrol vouchers that at the bowsers they decide they must hike up their prices?

What should still be a $1.22 per litre of petrol with the 8c a litre…is actually higher with the 8c off….this is ridiculous!

Ah….I remember those simpiler days….one now and days wander…will we see those days again…or will the average Australian be tormented by their own people ripping them off….what has happened?