Yes, here we go AGAIN!

The second round of internships have started and I am placed at Bowen Hills for the Quest Newspapers working on the Westside News and South-West News.

It is exciting and terrifying at the same time, because I had arrived at the building where I can see my future….but I can also see the end of something magnificient.

I started off my day the same as any other day and caught the train to Bowen Hills, I knew where the building was, but the last time I saw this building was almost 10 years ago when we use to live around this area (who knew I would return on this side again!)

I went inside the foyer where I had to wait for Julie Chill (the one who organises the work experience), when see came she took me around the building (and it was massive) but then my nerves started kicking in and started becomming terrified of where I was.

She took me to the Quest area where I would be working and I was introduced to a few people who were acting as editors for a few days because my editor, Alan Welburn, was sick and away.

I settled down in my desk, but like a small mouse, I felt like I was trapped in the corner, very nerve-racking.

Then I got my first story to do, which was all about a woman opening her art exhibition about her learning of the exploration and discovery of Australia, and had to interview her.

It took me a while to build up my confidence and be able to call and ask the questions, I felt a bit rusty, but once I got my confidence back, I managed to call her and everything was fitting in smoothly.

First day was good but something happened in the afternoon which I didn’t expect to see happen (but then again in my last internship the CEO of news limited spoke to everyone through video link).

One of my colleagues (Barclay) was telling me how we had to leave early for some reason, I was like no has told me anything, so I stayed back (but I think I was suppose to leave).

Now on my facebook update I said “Wooo…that is something unexpected”…. and it was….all the editors of the Quest Newspapers were here for a meeting….when they got back from the other side of the building, back around this side of the office, they all stood around in a circle listening to the next piece of news about the “re-structure” of this place.

Their Editor-in-Chief, Belinda Newton discussed about how 35-40 jobs would end up going out the door and the day everyone would know the final result would be October 29.

The real estate property section would merge with all the others in the building as one, there would be reshuffling of peoples jobs/positions, some would fill in jobs for Courier Mail but still work for Quest (and vice versa).

The editors were told to make their resumes and CV’s as best as they could outlining what is unique about them (like John makes us find the most interesting angles to a story).

There was mention about the new upgrade to their system with Page Master (which would essential be the sub-editting tool).

So, I think I wasn’t meant to hear all that…..but as good journlaist, your suppose to stick around and listen to things that anyone says not to listen too…

So…..this was my first day in a nutshell….here we go again…it is going to be fun doing work experience at this place….it is a step forward to learning more….but a step backward knowing things are getting grimmer for the print media news.