My second day was pretty much as my first day expect that… Well, yesterday at least I went out and I ate ice cream! No seriously, I stayed all day long in front of my computer and my laptop (yes I have so much story (the “y” is on purpose) that I need 2 computers).

And to do what? To keep writing the hardest story I have ever written: a story about myself which has to be a length of a 1000 words!

Indeed, my story will be published on the front page of the Sunshine Coast Weekly on Saturday…

Despite the fact that I usually don’t like talking about myself, I am pretty happy to do it.

They also asked me to translate a piece of my diary I wrote when I was in Afghanistan. Anyway, it takes TIME! They nicely told me it was quite normal for an article of that size… I don’t believe them though!

Tomorrow will be another day and therefore another story…

Good luck to everyone.