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My two final days at the Queensland Times had the most pace: final wrap-up of my stories, pic stories, vox pops, and an interview with the editor. It was a thrill to finish the final interviews and write-ups for three stories I had pitched last week. I’ve not had active feedback on my earlier work(…)

Changing Perspective

CHANGING PERSPECTIVE An Idiots Guide:Part 2 My inability to do nothing has been a problem throughout my life, the biggest symptom being boredom. Luckily for me, there is almost always something to do in a newsroom with an editor, a journalist and a sports journalist who is there twice a week.  On my first day(…)

Cableway, no way!

Today was day one for my return to the ABC news radio team on the Gold Coast, and the timing was magic. Looking through the daily papers for stories to follow up, there on page 4 (or it could have been 6, or 8… one of the even pages anyway) of the Gold Coast Bully(…)

From little things, big things grow

From little things, big things grow

Final day started without hiccup, got ready faster and earlier than normal and made my way to the train. All the paper’s staff, including the editor were busy with deadline so I wasn’t given as much to do. All-round a pretty slow day and it was quite sad to leave in the end. The staff(…)

Of Bylines

I could discourse for hours on the subject of bylines, but life is short so I’ll take just 90 seconds. One of my better articles wasn’t bylined. Why? Not enough space, so the least significant thing (from the sub-editor’s point of view) got deleted – namely, my name. I’ve included this article in my portfolio of published pieces(…)

The darndest thing

So the darndest thing happened on Friday night. Frazer Pearce (editor) called me into his office after I had just submitted my last few stories for the weekend paper. He said he had made an adjustment to the lead of one of the stories and wanted me to have a read to see if it was(…)

Week that was meant to be

Well my first week of the internships at Quest Newspapers, Bowen Hills, have been completed…..and what have I learned….This week was meant to happen…. You ask why? Well it has allowed me to realise that doing my internship up at Caboolture and doing this one here (even though it is Quest) is vastly different. At(…)