And it comes to a close – intering at the ABC

The final weekend of my internship at the ABC went by in a flurry. I started my Saturday morning by checking out all the stories the ABC had been running during the week and in the early hours of the morning. Then I was headed off with Karen Berkman to try and track down former(…)

Small fish in a big pond – interning at the ABC Brisbane

When I first walked into the ABC Brisbane newsroom, I must admit it was slightly daunting. The whole floor was wall-to-wall with busy journalists, and the editors, subs and exec producers were mixed right in. It was hard to know who was who. Who did I report to? Who did I ask questions of? In the end, I just started(…)

Everything old is new again

Everything old is new again

It’s a scary thought realising how much time has passed in your own life. Through your childhood and your teens your life seems endless with possibility. And then as you enter your twenties although you are still young you sometimes receive a bit of a shock as to how much time has passed since certain(…)