Bundy Intern – A New Hope

I arrived at Bundaberg Regional Airport at 09.50am on Sunday morning as scheduled. The memo must have not gone out because there was no paparazzi there to greet me. Oh well. Since there is no public transport on weekends I took a taxi into the city. The taxi driver was as excited about my internship(…)

I totally forgot!

Okay this will be short because I unwittingly allowed it to slip my mind. So I am going to be writing a column. But not just any column. I will be making a social critique on my most cherished of books. It was inspired by my flight over, when I was stuck between two women(…)

My first week at the Bully

Upon arrival I was greeted by the lovely Emma McBryde and her fiancee Juan (honestly can’t remember his last name :S). I am lucky enough to not have to pay for accomodation during my stay in Rockhampton. They provided me with my own room which has been great. Having arrived on father’s day I was(…)