The last three days were the busiest days of my internship. Since I had started I had done only features stories and it wasn’t challenging enough, so I asked for some hard stories. Something which would seem easy for you guys may be stressful for a non-native speaker like me. Indeed, I had to call(…)


So as I write this, journos and photographers dine on pizza and beer behind me. The editor said he would buy pizza and booze for my going away, I thought he was joking. It isn’t all for me anyway haha, but it was still really nice. I’m sad to leave the Bully, I feel as(…)

Shouldn’t the sub write this blog post title?

I’m not really the type who enjoys writing about themselves. I’m not a teenage girl with a livejournal blog. I prefer to write about other people and the world around me, so I’ve been fairly lax on the blogging thing. At the start of last week I was sent to property at Quest. Despite not(…)