The last three days were the busiest days of my internship.

Since I had started I had done only features stories and it wasn’t challenging enough, so I asked for some hard stories.

Something which would seem easy for you guys may be stressful for a non-native speaker like me. Indeed, I had to call people!

Well, when I know the person I am calling it’s ok but when it comes to talk with someone and ask question, it’s much harder (especially when it’s about a kid diagnosed with a bone cancer…).

I am pretty sure some of them couldn’t really understand me but they were nice, they didn’t say anything (maybe because they recognize my French accent, who knows!)

BTW, speaking about France, I miss so much my Fromages, Saussisons, Baguettes, Croissants, Snails ETC that I had to do a story about France. Sorry to be narcissistic again!

It was a great experience to work in a newsroom such as the Sunshine Coast Daily.

I really enjoyed my time there and I learnt a lot, I hope it has been the same for everyone.

Happy holidays to everyone. See you soon all Jschoolers!