So as I write this, journos and photographers dine on pizza and beer behind me. The editor said he would buy pizza and booze for my going away, I thought he was joking.

It isn’t all for me anyway haha, but it was still really nice. I’m sad to leave the Bully, I feel as though in my short time here I have done the best I could and achieved the best possible result.

What I’m going to miss the most about the newsroom are the people, I’m quite sentimental so I get attached to anything I’ve been around for more than five minutes. Having said that, the staff enriched the exprience and gave me the confidence to pitch stories I wouldn’t have.

But after a positive reception from my expose on Fifty Shades and porn I decided to pitch it to the ed.

He said that he liked it, he may just be acting nice for my sake, but the feature will be going in next week.

It will be the first piece of writing I have ever had published which I wrote just for me, a real opinion piece with a photo of me reading Fifty Shades hah.

This will be the one story I have framed :p

Anyway, I have learnt so much here, and I’ve been able to drive to stories and play photographer while reporting which was a real thrill.

I am feeling a little scattered so I’m finding it hard to string sentences together of any value to whoever reads this.

Anyway more pizza and beer await.