Knock ‘em dead

Through my experiences I have learned that the first impression is one the most important things when introducing yourself. I therefore followed my own advice and I think my first day wasn’t so bad! I have started working for the Sunshine Daily Coast Daily at 9am and finish at 5pm. When I arrived there I(…)


“You’re a rock star, Paul,” said reporter Paul to Mayor Paul Pisasale as he answered questions from school children after today’s council meeting. It’s day 2 at the QT, the oldest surviving provincial newspaper in Queensland, but for the Mayor, Ipswich is growing beyond its provincial roots. During council, Mayor Paul has passed on a(…)

First day at Caboolture

Once more into internship, the first day started with a malfunctioning alarm, leaving my mobile at home, go card scanners scamming me and a train that went so slowly it actually moved backwards at one point. Surprisingly it bothered me little, and I arrived just on time. After the usual introduction I was assigned a(…)

Internship Day 1

Internship Day 1

It’s sad that I couldn’t think of a better title than this but hey, here we go. So the longest Celine Dion song I have ever heard played while I waited to be shown in to see Lea, the Manager. I swear it went for a full seven minutes. The place smelt like pine and(…)