The crazy world of radio

It’s been a busy few days for me since I touched down in Sydney on Sunday night. I was fortunate to fly down with the wonderful Qantas (no product placement here), although I will have to mark them down for serving spinach for dinner, which would be my least favourite food in the world even(…)


Another week has begun and new stories are coming up, well I hope! Yesterday I’ve done two stories, one was kind of hard news, which I thought would have been published today, but unfortunately did not end up in the newspaper. First of all, because there are so many stories done by day that it(…)


To anybody who has seen the film then you will probbly see where I’m going with this. So I just finished doing a story about the iPhone 5. So I wrote the story, and then wrote an opinion piece to go with it (my top five phones of all time). But anyway, so I wrote(…)