Well, did I say yesterday that today would be another day and therefore a new story? I was wrong… Indeed, I was literally glued to my chair, struggling to translate 600 words from French to English but also answering question to the editor who wanted some clarification. I had a break of 20 minutes for(…)

It’s time

Today John mourned the loss of a former QT journalist to the ‘dark side’ of PR. (I heard Darth Vader and the imperial forces offered more money and advancement.) I recall a recent article in The Australian which stated there were about 19,000 journalists to 16,000 PR officers. It’s time to run the numbers again.(…)

Interesting times at Fairfax

What an interesting time to be a journalist in a Fairfax newsroom! My week at The Age has been different to say the last and it couldn’t contrast more to the small country newsroom I was in during June. Day 1 began with a tour of the two floors of the seven floor building that(…)

Little cog, big machine

The first three days of my internship have gone flying along so I’ve forgotten to check in. I was originally assigned to property at the Courier Mail but on the first day me and another intern from QUT were sent over to property at Quest instead. This turned out to be a really good thing(…)