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So as I write this, journos and photographers dine on pizza and beer behind me. The editor said he would buy pizza and booze for my going away, I thought he was joking. It isn’t all for me anyway haha, but it was still really nice. I’m sad to leave the Bully, I feel as(…)


To anybody who has seen the film then you will probbly see where I’m going with this. So I just finished doing a story about the iPhone 5. So I wrote the story, and then wrote an opinion piece to go with it (my top five phones of all time). But anyway, so I wrote(…)

The darndest thing

So the┬ádarndest thing happened on Friday night. Frazer Pearce (editor) called me into his office after I had just submitted my last few stories for the weekend paper. He said he had made an adjustment to the lead of one of the stories and wanted me to have a read to see if it was(…)

I totally forgot!

Okay this will be short because I unwittingly allowed it to slip my mind. So I am going to be writing a column. But not just any column. I will be making a social critique on my most cherished of books. It was inspired by my flight over, when I was stuck between two women(…)

My first week at the Bully

Upon arrival I was greeted by the lovely Emma McBryde and her fiancee Juan (honestly can’t remember his last name :S). I am lucky enough to not have to pay for accomodation during my stay in Rockhampton. They provided me with my own room which has been great. Having arrived on father’s day I was(…)


Well, I started my internship on the June 19. I was expecting to end after one week, however my editor, Gary Shipway, wanted me to stay until I go back to school. I like to think I dazzled him with my enthusiasm for servitude, but I’m not sure. He wanted to get a better look(…)

My First Post

“Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.” ~ Albert Einstein A lot of people started their blog with a quote so I figured I could do that to. Prior to studying at Jschool I was a man who read too much and used(…)