One thing I have noticed in my internships, when you want a story idea of yours published the best thing to do is say this: “If Iwas a reader I would want t know why.”

I’ve found myself saying this as well, by no means is it a sure fire way to get a story in the paper, but half the battle is getting the chief of staff or editor interested in what you have to say.

Another good preamble to story pitching is: “I’ve heard some people talking about this.”

These are not cop outs, or cheap ways to be heard, rather they make the story idea more compelling.

This by no means is a how to guide on getting yur stories into the paper, merely an observation.

Just now we had a situation where we had no story relevent to young people, so he just asked eeryone what they had, so you never know when you are going to need a story.

The¬†Morning Bully isn’t a large metro paper,having said that it does have the largest newsroom¬†of all the APN papers, so journos are not necessarily going to get a story in the paper if somebody else has a better one.

Again this is not unique to this newsroom, there’s always competition amongst journos for the good stories, but once the newslist for tomorrows paper is posted everybody are more than willing to help those who have stories to do.

Teeline, I have found that teeline is a valuable commodity, held by few, but all journos are having to learn it now.

The editor and chief of staff were particularly impressed with Jschool for teaching shorthand.

They even mentioned that to some extent a Jschool grad could be more qualifed than some senior reporters, all they lack is the experience of seasoned journos.

Frazer (editor) said that based on what he has seen from Jschool, he is more than confident that we could get a job almost anywhere we apply, which is awesome, obviously, so there is more hpe forus Jscholars than everyone else!