“Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.” ~ Albert Einstein

A lot of people started their blog with a quote so I figured I could do that to.

Prior to studying at Jschool I was a man who read too much and used his brain too little causing me to waste much of my quiet time pondering the deeper meanings of the universe.

As pointless as all my pondering was I could not help myself.

I had this innate curiosity which drove me to read about anything and everything, but this came hand in hand with a lack of direction.

Because I enjoy reading about everything it made it difficult to focus on one thing.

So naturally journalism was what I was looking for.

I was 15 when I participated in some kind of career testing, where they ask a series of questions and they choose my best career path based on my responses.

I was told journalism would suit me, I enjoy meeting new people, I like to travel, I like to read and write.

I then realised it was my dream to become a journalist.

It was only in my senior year that I realised I should stop being lazy and be a bit more proactive in my pursuit to journalism.

I would tell my parents, oh yeahhhh I wanna be a journalist, it is perfect for me dah dahhh day dahhh etc.

But they would always point out that I have never demonstrated any interest into the field, all I had really done was continue reading and writing the same way I always had.

I had this misplaced sense that university guarantees you a job, it opens all the doors and gives you all the tools to pursue a career in whatever your specialised field is.

Only when I start speaking with people who have gone through uni did I realise this is not the case, in fact I know people who never had to show their employers their degrees.

My cousin is a reporter for CNN in the United States, and she told me that anyone who is going to hire who in the world of journalism “do not give a shit about your uni grades”.

Soon after my graduation, I found Jschool.

This is definitely the place for me, and it is definitely the place that will give me the know how to be a legitimate journalist that someone would actually want to hire.