So the darndest thing happened on Friday night.

Frazer Pearce (editor) called me into his office after I had just submitted my last few stories for the weekend paper.

He said he had made an adjustment to the lead of one of the stories and wanted me to have a read to see if it was better (ofcourse I said yes, and it was).

He offered me his chair and closed the door behind him upon his exit.

So I spent a few minuts reading through the story, only to find that he had changed two words in the lead so I was relieved to see that it wasn’t a complete disaster.

I noticed he uses Pittmans, with scribbles as far as the eye can see (to the end of his table).

Anywho, he cme bac in, I stood up, he told me to sit down, then he asked what my plans were for the year.

I told him how I had started my application for the ABCs news cadetship, and that I would be applying for the courier, the Oz, The Age, SMH, etc.

And he asked how I would feel about moving to Rocky, and I would be open to pretty much anything.

I don’t remember saying that but that would have been the gist.

He then added that there was a job vacancy.

I said I would take it, he said that I would have to decide quickly.

I would be unable to finish Jschool if I take the job.

Frazer used the most generous adjectives to describe my journalistic capabilites which would shock John.

He did go on to say, that if I were to apply to all of these other places he is confident that I could do very well after seeing me work :O.

He clarified that it wouldn’t be easy to get a job at these places, but he did say that he believes I could excel where ever I apply.

So my gut is telling me to take this job, but my head is telling me to hold out a month or two and see what happens.

Kind of tricky, because I want to work, and now I have the chance to.

Whenever I pictured a moment like this, I always thought I would grab the job and not look back, I figured it would be that easy.

I am hoping my Jschool cohort can assist.

Anyway, I can now think of my internship as a succes, thanks to Jschool.

Besides I still have this week to screw it up and have the ed change his mind :p