To anybody who has seen the film then you will probbly see where I’m going with this.

So I just finished doing a story about the iPhone 5.

So I wrote the story, and then wrote an opinion piece to go with it (my top five phones of all time).

But anyway, so I wrote the story, where I quoted myself (I was told to), and I am the photo for the story.

Now that is super cool, but that is alot of stuff going on there.

Anyway on a side note, I read on one of the blogs that a journo with photographic skills/knowledge are preferred because you never know when a photographer won’t be at your disposal, or something to that effect.

I had to be my own photographer yesterday, and I had to drive to the loation in one of the company cars, do not get me wrong, I felt like a total boss, but I am not pleased withthe photo which made it into the paper.

I was bale to see the coast on Sunday which was amazing, crystal blue waters as far as the eye could see, with various land masses scattered off the coast, their placement seemed almost deliberate.

My internship has been a huge success in my eyes, I have done everything I could have hoped for, I like to think that I have made friends with everybody in the news room, if not then I hope I haven’t been such a burden.

I’ve asked my fair share of questions, and everybody has been willing to lend me a helping hand.

One other thing I have particularly enjoyed during my time here, is reading all the blog entries!

They’re just nice, I’m sure you know what I’m getting at haha.