Day two on the sports desk at the Courier. Wow. The stereotypes have well and truly been fulfilled. Not quite to the same extent as the Will Ferrel Movie ‘Anchorman’ but you get my point. Males out number and sport talk is high on the agenda. All of these journos are absolute experts in their field.

On the way to the Broncos training session ( I was reporting on it, not training with them, I would make a good Prop though (save that for another blog)) the two guys I accompanied, Todd and Chris could rattle off numbers and players from ancient times! It was amazing.

However Queensland leagues most distinguished writer Steve Ricketts is retiring on October 12th along with Horse extraordinaire Bart Sinclair (The Wally Lewis of the horse world, for his knowledge, not experience). News Ltd has cut 35 more jobs from the Bowen Hills office. Todd and Chris were semi worried about their futures but as far as I know they’re okay.

It’s hard to make an impression with people that know everything there is to know. It’s like trying to compete with Julia Gillard on an article about Julia Gillard. Its obvious she knows more about the subject and you can never win.

I don’t think that made any sense at all but in my head it did. And that’s all that really matters. I am having good fun there.
I’m Ron Burgundy? (Anchorman)