After having a day off from the internship on friday, I cam on Monday saying I would start fresh and a new outlook to my slow days (if you remember my last blog, I had to get myself known).

But I was so worng, for a few hours I was looking around for small stories that would end up as briefs on the paper, and little did I know, my editor was actually here on Monday.

Now I wasn’t ignoring him, but if someone has said to me….”PK that is the editor”….I would have introduced myself earlier, because once I introduced myself, it was straight to editting….after all deadline was looming.

I sat beside my editor, Alan Welburn, who took a bit of time to show me how the process works on the CyberNews (system they use).

I got to layout one page of the pages….with the top deck….with what stories would go on the page….and what pictures would also be placed on the page (and to tell you the truth…it maybe hard at first but the process seems really simple).

After my editor helped me with that page, we then went to a different part of the building where all the subs and layout guys were, and I could see that it took them only a matter of minutes to clean the page up and get the layout right…..thus the following was the result!

Yep…one of the sport pages…..haydon would be proud of me!

Then once all the pages were done my editor sat me down next to one of the other journalists (JD) and he gave me the printed version (on A3 paper) told me to go through each page and see for any mistakes (this was a big task for me, because I can easily miss something)….

Thanks to Barclay for this picture!

But not too long I realised I was editting my own work…

And I was like….no…this is perfect!!!!

And that was my recovery day…..and it was damn fun! I enjoyed that task…maybe on my last day my editor will ask me again to do some editting.

The following day (after deadlines were met) we had a media conference (there were only five of us including Alan), and everyone was going through all the story ideas they had…I thought to myself, how did you guys find these stories? (well in my mind of course).

Then Alan asked me, had I any news stories….luckily for me I have that media statements that come through to my email, and I had that idea, Alan approved it and now I would write that but I had research a bit on it.

I also got another story by the eidtor to do with advice given to me by him that (just always ask for help, even him as an editor always asks about what the news angle is always going to be).

Now we are upto date with the recovery! I am back on track and writing away these stories…

Oh! and one more big shock to me, I had done three stories, one with no byline and two with and some briefs…..I found two stories and briefs on the Westside News and I was wandering where one of my stories was….so I picked up the other paper I am also working on, the South-west News…

I flicked around the pages, trying to see where my story could be, I did that a few times…but I was unaware that this would be my greatest achievement so far….I almost got a heart attack from this (well not literally)

Thats right….I was amazed to see I got on to page 3!!! This really made my efforts worth the wait!!!

Now overall, it has been an excellent week and a half….but it is sad it will end soon….but I am glad I made it this far and it has been a wonderful experience and working with everyone here is great, all of them a pleasant people to speak with.