Redcliffe Rookie – Sick Son keeps Mum from Work

Day 3: Wednesday: Unfortunately my “minion” (aka my 2-year old son Christian) was  very unwell with the flu, no thanks to the transitional weather… Consequently I could not attend my third day at the Redcliffe Herald (gutted) and contacted the office straight away apologising profusely that I had to nurse my sick son… Luckily the staff were(…)

Redcliffe Rookie – Board Meeting & Photoshoot

Day 2: Tuesday I had the opportunity to listen in on the Pine Rivers Press/Northern Times team discussing their stories. The News Editor, Lesley was very charismatic, sparky and organised. She briefed me over the newspaper layout/s and explained how the gaps were filled, all dependant on what stories and content was required for that week. Journalists Bernie & Jamie were gathered in(…)

Day three – success!

Guys! Today was awesome! After tiptoe-ing around the office for the past two days, I made several resolutions last night… 1. Actually leave the office — eating lunch at your desk is lame and looks like you have no life. 2. Befriend as many people as possible. 3. Talk to the editor. 4. Finish my(…)

Internship Day 4: Local story goes national

“News conference everyone,” Brigid said and we all scuttled into the front meeting room. There was new face today and she looked like an intern. Turns out she was, and from QUT. She didn’t have any story ideas. She did a week earlier in the year and comes in for a few days a week(…)

Week one is almost done

Time for a second instalment and it will be brief. Everything is different working away from a major city…..Community news….. It’s possibly nicer news if that makes sense. Obviously not as much happens. But there is still something to write about – always something to write about. Well I’m sticking to the two stories per(…)