I Came, I Wrote, I Conquered

I Came, I Wrote, I Conquered

Week 2, Day 3 & 4 My last couple of days were probably the hardest. After two weeks I was hooked. As much as I wanted to return to Brisbane for my friends and family, and of course a pay check, I didn’t want to leave a job which I was thoroughly enjoying. By the(…)

Tony Abbott just arrived here!

I can’t believe my two weeks at the Herald Sun are over in a few hours. Like all my fellow Jschoolers who completed their internship, it has been an extraordinary experience. Besides the crazy 4 seasons in an hour back home, everything seems to have gone very well. Oh and the fire yesterday, that was(…)

Week 2 Hervey Bay

One of my problems as a journalist, I believe, is being scared of chasing stories and my tendency to be nice and agreeable. In Quest where I was writing very fluffy feel good stories, I’ve been fortunate to write more news stories at the Chronicle. This means I’ve had to be persistent with getting answers(…)