Bless the Broken and Eventful Road

Bless the Broken and Eventful Road

Cranking the tunes in my car, I was excited to be heading out on a big adventure… and when I say big adventure, I mean a two hour road trip to outback Toowoomba. Yep, watch out world, here I come. Leaving my boyfriend, friends and home behind, I set out with mixed emotions and bags(…)

Day 3

  Day 3   As I have a coffee and read the paper on the way to work this morning I stared out at the the huge black┬álimousine of the (local mafia chief ?) whose story will doubtless appear in future “underbelly” TV shows. His faultlessly clean and mirror-like polished car is always parked in(…)

Day 2 of my last week…

The second day of my last week at Quest Newspapers started out pretty quiet with only one pending story but was waiting on a source. But I did get to see my pieces that got a run in the paper, I had my favourite segment from last week ‘Anatomy of a Champion’ published in a(…)