That’s a good yarn

Despite popular belief, journalists aren’t hard-hitting, cynical beings determined to chase down a story at all costs. Okay, well maybe they are a little bit. But, in general, they are extremely kind and helpful. Although a little prone to gossip (a necessary trait for a journalist!), the people I have met this week are extremely(…)

my last day… until next week

Friday started out disappointingly. I missed two of the writers going out to cover stories. One was a feature on local veggie patches which we had talked about earlier in the week and the other was a court case where a mother had let her twins starve to death. Both of these would have been(…)

Fear and Loathing in Mackay

I’d been consciously trying to stave off the dreaded ‘lurgy’ for about a week or so but unfortunately decided to succumb to its incapacitating ways a bit sooner (the flight in was Virgin’s equivalent of slamming a hammer repeatedly into my sinuses for an hour and a half). And it was feeling like this that(…)


My first day at the northern star went about as good as a first day can go. The editor had had his last day on Friday so the place was being run by guy called Dave. I was introduced to everyone and given two media releases so I gave them a quick look and had(…)