Guys! Today was awesome!

After tiptoe-ing around the office for the past two days, I made several resolutions last night…

1. Actually leave the office — eating lunch at your desk is lame and looks like you have no life.

2. Befriend as many people as possible.

3. Talk to the editor.

4. Finish my article idea, find more work.

5. Get gutsy!

And, as luck would have it, these resolutions were all resolved!

I left the office and reacquainted myself with my hometown. Nothing much has changed. Luckily, the sun was lovely.

I also developed a system to meet new people – confront them in the elevator! That way, they cannot escape the over-friendly intern. I met the publisher of the Adelaide magazine, a sub-editor and a couple of friendly journos.

So, with two of my goals going well, I had to confront my third. I figured this would best be done early in the morning before I chickened out/she left for the day.

Now, my first work experience stint was at a small, local paper. There, the editor was easily accessible… I could practically whisper his name to get his attention! However, at the Sunday Mail, the editor is a little more aloof, separated from the journalists in a trendy glass office.

After the morning news conference, I pursued her into her office. I offered my meagre services and though not given much, I’m glad I did it.

In the end, it was lucky she didn’t give me too much work. I was given a bunch of things to do, managed to finish my own article, made good headway on my second, help out the paper’s public defender journalist and organise a photoshoot and interview for tomorrow.

Even better, tomorrow I get to head to the Royal Adelaide Show armed with a media pass with the paper’s style/gossip guru.

To my fifth resolution – get gutsy. There is no real example for this, it was more a state of mind. I tried to be more open and seize every opportunity offered to me.

And if my feeling of exhilaration is anything to judge by, I think goal #5 went rather well!

I apologise to all if this blog entry is a little scatty.

My combined excitement and tiredness probably hasn’t helped! And bearing this in mind, I must get myself to bed. Tomorrow promises to be another big day!