1st week at Quest Mt Gravatt!

First blog since last Tuesday because my internet at home crashed 🙁  My first week at Quest was quite a good experience and I understand why people think one week is too short for an internship because towards the end of the week I began to get into the routine of getting things done and(…)

Back in Melbourne

Day 1   The Age   I have been in Melbourne for a week now working on my boat, giving her some much needed TLC after being abandoned and neglected for 10 months.  I also needed to fill my apartment with supplies.  Oddly, the relative chill of Melbourne is at once comforting and confronting.  The(…)

Internship Day 9/10: The stories funnel…

So my last couple of days at the QT were nice and busy. Vox pops, story photo shots, some heavy rain and attending the local hospital. I was assigned a story at the local hospital about one of the food service workers receiving an award for excellence. Rachel Nolan, state MP for Ipswich was there.(…)