Day 2:

Tuesday I had the opportunity to listen in on the Pine Rivers Press/Northern Times team discussing their stories.

The News Editor, Lesley was very charismatic, sparky and organised.

She briefed me over the newspaper layout/s and explained how the gaps were filled, all dependant on what stories and content was required for that week.

Journalists Bernie & Jamie were gathered in the boardroom to run over stories.

It was definitely a learning curve and quite fascinating watching how 2 journalists could produce majority of their stories for two papers and stay calm about it.

I learnt:  “Pages 3 & 5” are their pages for leading stories.

Photographs and content would be essential to them covering these two very important pages.

As a treat, I was asked by Lesley to accompany Jamie and “shadow” her while she covered a local story in Bray Park,  photoshoot and all.


Meanwhile Jamie  shared her experience working as a journalist for the Pine Rivers Press & the Northern Times and said that working under their banner, in print media, was where she had discovered her nich’e.

We arrived at the heritage location in Bray Park where she met with local dignitaries and her leading source for her story.

I was lucky enough to shake their hands and inspect the premises that was going to be turned into a (non-commercial) local-tourism sight.

Evidently she had a good rapport with the photograper who was very personable with her subjects.

I observed Jamie’s interviewing techniques and was comforted to see she was known to her interviewees and recieved openly.

I came back to the office after consuming a kebab from reddy’s kebab’s on the redcliffe esplanade (they taste amazing i might add) and followed up media consultants about free holiday events happening around Brisbane over the school holidays.

It was refreshing chatting to “PR” people who were more than willing to exchange communication for current and upcoming events and who agreed to partake in photoshoots.

Once again another day had flown by.

I’d gotten out of the office and tagged along to a photoshoot.

Something that doesn’t readily happy for interns at the Redcliffe Herald.


Time flies when you’re having fun.

It was a wrap for the day.