Internship Day 3: The PM comes to town

The day started with the 8.30am news conference. It certainly makes you get to the office on time! I put up an idea inspired from an ad about a new RSPCA facility, after going through the competition’s weekly (Quest’s Ipswich News) last night. I got a positive response and was asked to look into it.(…)

Day 3 – Coffee, cupcakes and crime stats

Day 3 – Coffee, cupcakes and crime stats

  My skin was drinking the cold breeze, many commuters passed me on their way to work and I needed a coffee. Now. I decided to have coffee in famous Degraves St where the narrow array of tables and chairs is frequented by the trendy, hipster kids who wear Ray Bans in winter and op(…)

Starting with Tuesday

It isn’t in many professions that Tuesday is the first day of the working week. But I guess that’s just one of the differences between a Sunday paper and a regular weekly. Today signalled my first day of my second internship, practically making me an expert in the interning field. So why did I have(…)

Making news with the NewsMail

Time to check in…… The first  two days went along without problem – it’s good to see the sun shinning and be out of a classroom. It’s basically summer all year round in Bundaberg and I think that reflects in the people. They are happy little sods and it would be difficult to find an(…)

Day 2 – Call Me

Day 2 – Call Me

(Pic taken this morning while I was enjoying a ‘chino and a muffin)   I had an earlier start today at the Herald Sun so after snoozing for an extra ten minutes or so, I got ready and headed down to the office. As I had a bit of time up my sleeve and lacking(…)

Internship Day 2: What’s a lead-in?

A lead-in is a two to three par on the front cover that leads the reader into the main story on a page in the paper. Something I learnt today during my second day at the QT. One of my story ideas got up in the morning NC which I was very happy about. About a local poetry competition getting a(…)

Redcliffe Herald’s Rookie

Redcliffe Herald’s Rookie

Day 1. 9am: I veered into the Redcliffe & Bayside  Herald Office, greeted by the receptionist and ushered into what I thought was going to be like a scene out of  the film “Shattered Glass.” My imagingation: “A dimly lit room, of predominantly old-aged male editors, subs, journos and photographers…” Reality: Cutesy. Cosy. Comfy. Casual. Clean.(…)

Internship Day 1: Welcome to the ‘Swich

Armed with my Google map print-out, I made my way to Ipswich…or ‘the swich’ as I learnt many of locals call it. Traffic was good and the brilliant Brisbane blue sky went completely foggy on the way. Thankfully the brilliance returned. So, I waited patiently outside the door for 8.30am and another staff member buzzed me(…)

Day One – and I only had TWO coffees!

  It was a beautiful morning in Melbourne and the sun was barely out. My hotel, which is only a short 5 minute walk to the Herald Sun offices was a lovely stroll and I spent it observing and taking it all in. However, my hyped breakfast at the Pancake Parlour didn’t turn out to(…)

and everything went to plan…

Day One at Qweekend ran like a well-oiled machine. I arrived on time at exactly 9am along with three other interns (and yes I was worried that they would be in the same department and it would be like scene out of Gossip Girl, complete with perfume in the coffee style sabotage) but as we(…)

Easy like Sunday morning

I was awake before the 5:30am alarm went off and abnormally leaped out of bed to get ready for my super early flight to Melbourne. I have always had an insane paranoia of missing flights. Luckily its never happened to me but I must always be there ridiculously early only to curse my eager nature(…)

Stepping Out Into The REAL World

Stepping Out Into The REAL World

Seven years ago I never thought I would be returning to my home town as an aspiring journalist. With only three weeks until my internship at the Toowoomba Chronicle I am very excited to take a trip down memory lane while experiencing the life of a journo working at a daily newspaper. Its hard to(…)

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