The Road

The Road

I plotted the very direct route to Ipswich, from Kenmore, by tagging(and numbering) the pages in my map book. And I took a trip to Ipswich a few days before my internship was due to start – to check my travel time. But I still managed to be two crucial minutes late on DAY 1.(…)

Afternoon Delight

Gonna find my baby, gonna hold her tight… For the past two days, I have volunteered at a community radio station down at Victor Harbor (a beach town about an hour out of rAdelaide). Now, while it hasn’t been as intense as my two week internship at the sunday paper, it certainly has been interesting(…)

Drunks, Police, squattors and a Granny raping killer.

I cannot explain how unusual my internship has been thus far. 5.30pm the Sunday before I hadn’t set foot inside The Morning Bulletin and I had encountered a multitude of unusual situations.  Firstly I was propositioned by a drunk at 8.30am. He just wanted my number, you know “in case he ever needed it”. I wondered(…)

They say the show must go on. I say shut up.

I’ve had this blog written for well over a week now but being technologically deprived I’ve just worked out how to use the blog. As I’m sure you all already know my first week of holidays involved my show Limbus which I wrote (apparently) and directed (poorly) going to Melbourne.  It was a part of LaTrobe(…)