Day 3:


Unfortunately my “minion” (aka my 2-year old son Christian) was  very unwell with the flu, no thanks to the transitional weather…

Consequently I could not attend my third day at the Redcliffe Herald (gutted) and contacted the office straight away apologising profusely that I had to nurse my sick son…

Luckily the staff were incredibly gracious and Kay (thanks Kay!) relayed the message to my editor.

I can’t relay what took place at the Redcliffe Herald on wednesday but no doubt I’ll be informed on friday, as I am attending the Media Pass Student Day at The Edge, Southbank tomorrow!

I am stoked to be going along with Jschool to absorb advice from some of the legendary gurus of the industry who will advise us upcoming “gen-y” journo’s how make our break.

It should be good!